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Gunung Ledang (Mt.Ophir) 0 rated
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Gunung Ledang (Mt.Ophir)

Address:Batu 26, Jalan Tangkak-Segamat, 84020 Johor, Malaysia


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Mount Ophir, known by its Malay name "Gunung Ledang", is a mountain situated in the Gunung Ledang National park located between the border of Malacca and Johor state in Malaysia. It standing at 1,276 m with a clear trail leading to the peak. It is a popular destination among climbers, bird-watchers & nature lovers. You will be greeted by views of beautiful flora, fauna and magnificent waterfalls. This place is suitable for beginner climbers who want to have a feel of the mountain trekking in Malaysia. The "Ledang trail" starts from Gunung Ledang resort, Near Sagil village with a clear trail leading to the peak. Mount Ophir is the 64th highest mountain in Malaysia and no doubt is the most climbed mountain in the country. Mount Ophir is believed to be one of the richest flora species in the world. It has a 50 meters high waterfall "Puteri Waterfalls" with a wide drop of 50 meters. You will see giant butterflies, brightly colored spiders, and colorful wild tropical flowers It is one of the most popular and frequently climbed mountains in Malaysia, but it does not mean that it is easy to climb. It usually takes a 5 to 6 hour energetic hike to reach top of mountain for a fit person and there are some steep rocky faces to negotiate with the aid of ropes. Accidents happen and there have been some fatalities which is why it is compulsory to engage a guide from the Ranger's office. There are a few popular opinions regarding the origin of the mountain's name. According to one opinion, ancient history points to the mountain being the site of rich gold deposits, luring traders from as far as Greece and China. In the 14th Century, the Chinese seafarers plying the Straits of Malacca called it Kim Sua meaning the 'golden mountain', possibly from the Hokkien or Taiwanese words: kim, or in characters 金 meaning gold and sua, or 山 meaning mountain . Another source said that the Javanese during the period of the Majapahit empire named the mountain Gunong Ledang, which means 'lofty mountain', from Archaic Javanese word ledang meaning 'show-off'.