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Malacca The Stadthuys

Address:The Stadthuys Jalan Gereja 75000 Malacca, Malaysia


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The Stadthuys was built between 1641 and 1660 on the ruins of a fort which belongs to the Portuguese. It is believed that the Stadthuys is the oldest Dutch building in the East. This massive red building displays all the common features of the Dutch colonial architecture which includes substantial solid doors and louvered windows. Since its completion to 1980, the Stadthuys was used as the administrative center of successive governments for a period of 300 years. It was in 1982 when the Stadthuys was converted into a history museum which exhibits Malacca's history starting from the great Malay Sultanate and the Portuguese, Dutch and British colonization till the present day. Beside the Stadthuys is also another fine example of the Dutch architecture which is the Christ Church that was built in 1753. Attractions nearby are aplenty. Just a short walking distance towards the opposite of the Stadthuys is the renowned Jonker Street where you can try famous Malaccan delicacies such as the chicken rice ball, nyonya laksa, cendol and so on. There are also many souvenirs which you can buy at the Jonker Street. Before you can get to Jonker Street from the Stadhuys, you will cross a river. There is a Malacca River Cruise just nearby if you wish to see more of this famous area. There are also museums in the area such as the Cheng Ho Culture Museum and the Malaysian Youth Museum (Muzium Belia Melaka). Lets come to the story of red paint of the massive building, during the Dutch rule of Malacca, the Stadthuys, like all the other Dutch administration buildings in Southeast Asia, was painted white. By way of the Anglo-Dutch treaty of 1824, Malacca was given up by the Dutch and the town became a British colony. In 1911, the British painted the Stadthuys and the Christ Church a salmon red. The actual reasons as to why these buildings were painted red by the British is now lost in time but legends and theories are abundant. One opinion was that the buildings were painted red to copy the colour of red brick stone houses in Holland. Apparently, the Dutch painted the buildings red to remind them of their homeland. However, this theory is flawed because it was the British, and not the Dutch, who painted the buildings red. Another theory was that the British wanted to differentiate British built houses from the old Dutch houses. Therefore, the British painted the old Dutch buildings red. However, there were other old Dutch buildings in Malacca that were not painted red by the British. A more plausible reason given was maybe due to the lack of maintenance, the red laterite stone used to build the Stadthuys showed through the whitewashed plastering. Also, perhaps heavy tropical rain often splashed the red soil up the white walls. So, the British decided to paint it all red to save maintenance costs. In the other hand, you’ll find plenty of tricycles in Stadthuys area too, apparently the trishaw’s in Malacca are a part of the tourist industry here. Brightly decorated with multicolored fake plastic flowers and soft toys, and complete with loudspeakers blaring out music the very friendly drivers will take you around Malacca. You’ll feel special looking around Malacca’s view while sitting inside tricycle. Another historical landmark close by is the Queen Victoria's Fountain which is a little far from the Stadthuys but still reachable by walking. The fountain was built in 1901 but is still standing proud and not does not look like it is more than a 100 years old. There are many places to visit in this area. Further down from the fountain are two shopping complexes which you can visit as well.