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Pasha Hair Studio 1 rated
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Pasha Hair Studio

Address:No.17, Jalan Austin Height 3, Taman Mount Austin, 81100 Johor Bahru

+607-3597196 Pasha Hair Studio 11:00am - 8:30pm

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About Us

Our salon was established in year 2007, which is located in Johor Bahru, our founder has over 13 years of hair and beauty experience. The passionate and enthusiasm of the team members always provides caring and comfortable services. Customer can enjoy first class salon treatment with excellent equipments and relaxing atmosphere. Besides, comfortable waiting room with variety of magazines and high speeded Wi-Fi are available for you while waiting for your turn. To improve service and knowledge, our salon has participated in several oversea hair courses which held by Shiseido, an international hair product’s brand.

Our Service/Menu

Our experienced and professional hairstylist will first carefully examine your features, hair texture, face shape, skin tone, jaw angles, personality and profession before recommending a customized hairstyle that will highlight your best features and is easy to recreate day after day. Furthermore, we are specialty in hair treatment by using aromatherapy shampoo that developed in France which named Peter de Hair. With 100% of pure essential oil research and development, currently is Malaysia's first 100% pure essential oils scalp care product line, our first step is to clear the clogged pores, exfoliating (dead skin), cleaning and maintenance. With our unique massage technique. Our series, the series of sterilization (dandruff, scalp psoriasis, scalp itching, etc.), hair loss series (hair loss, oily person receive many) have satisfied customers. Here is some story about aromatherapy shampoo; aromatherapy shampoo therapy concept is developed in France. This hair therapy the most perfect and unique, they can achieve the effect of functional health and aromatherapy. Shampoo in aromatherapy therapy is uses pure essential oils, and this oil is extract from plant roots, stems, leaves, seeds, fruits, and flowers. Presently there are more than ten European countries adopt to the aromatherapy shampoo to replace the traditional shampoo, especially in Paris, Italy, Japan and South Korea and other countries. We are the famous hair salon in Malaysia that offer good remuneration package with attractive commission and rewards. We are expanding and we are looking for YOU, yes, that’s right, YOU, to be a part of this amazing journey. Join us our big family NOW! Beside stated service, we are the authorized dealer for Shiseido Professional products which consist of Fuente Forte series, Luminogenic series, Sleekliner series, Adenovital series, and Aqua Intensive series. First of all, Fuente Forte is helps your hair scalp in creating ideal condition for healthy hair growth. It delivers technology that reinforces skin’s natural barrier function, making your scalp resilient to all kinds of stressful stimuli. While Luminogenic helps in keeping your hair in a constant state of just-stepped-out-of the salon freshness. It controls light reflection, illuminating your hair with endlessly lustrous shine and prevents fading. At the same time, it strengthens your hair’s resistance to damage and daily exposure. If you think your hair is too curly and frizzy to manage, Sleekliner will transform your hair into more shiny and manageable. It systematically straightens each strand, while blocking the effect of humidity and reducing volume. With Adenovital series, the vitality of your hair will be awakened. Then you will be granted by the rich volume of hair. It is very suitable for thinning hair since Adenovital was born from the cutting edge bioscience technology. Aqua Intensive series deeply and fully hydrate every hair, from root to end. Starting at the moisture-deprived tips, it infuses the entire length of the hair with intensive moisture and locks it in. This series is recommended for those who are concerns about damages and dry hair.